Decking Cleaning Service

Decking that is not looked after and treated on a regular basis becomes a breeding ground for algae, moss and lichens.

This then becomes dangerously slippery and can cause accidents! It means that you can't use that area of your garden all year round and nobody wants to loose that open space.

Using specialist decking cleaner, a stiff brush and plenty of 'elbow grease' removes the algae and other plant matter. The job is finished with a NON-SLIP decking paint in a variety of colour choices to return that outside area to it's original state.

Decking is becoming a popular alternative to paving to extend dining space and to also provide an attractive garden feature to many homes throughout Devon.

When first laid, it can look great, but before too long surface growth thrives causing the decking to become slippery and dangerous in damp and wet weather.



Green / algae growth - Pressure cleaning using rotary lance provides a precision clean on every angle and prevents splintering.

Weathered ‘grey’ lookHaving been cleaned the deck now has it’s natural coloured restored through oiling. 


We ‘feed’ each deck as much as it can absorb.

Slippery and dangerousDecking - becomes slippery due to algae growth or general dirt on it’s surface. The cleaning stage removes algae and dirt.  It can now be wet but not slippery.

Rusted - loose screwsAfter cleaning, remove old and replace with new treated, painted decking screws.

Rot - Prevented through regular cleaning and oiling. We can remove and replace small areas of rotten decking boards.

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